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I'm trying to "fix up" a Walmart skateboard for a friend of mine, by adding good quality parts..........we'll I took apart the wheel to check the bearings.....and yeah. Those black pieces? Those are the "bearings" that came on the board. just solid pieces of plastic. no wonder the board rode like crap from the start
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idk what to say at this point ;-;
3 years ago·Reply
The first mistake they made was buying a board from Wal-Mart.
3 years ago·Reply
Technically that's not a bearing at all. I love how they made the little notches in their to make it look like ball bearings though, nice attention to detail walmart
3 years ago·Reply
Walmart doesn't make those boards of course some company salesman shows up at their home office and says we can produce this and make em cheap so you can sell a ton and make a good profit. Kryptonics, Dark Star, Punisher and Quest are the ones that jump out at me.
3 years ago·Reply
I don't always buy boards from Walmart, but when I do... I DON'T.
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