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Is Referee Surrounding At A High?
Greg Dyke, the chairman of the FA on Tuesday stated that the amount of teams that have begun to surround the referee is concerning. It begs the question of whether or not this is the worst football, particularly in England, has seen in a while.

Firstly, surrounding a match official or referee is deemed by the FA as when 3 or more players from the same club confront the referee over an issue simultaneously. This time last year in the Premier League, the FA had charged only 6 of the 20 clubs and handed out 14 warnings for surrounding the referee. This year the number of clubs charged is 16, with 29 additional warnings having been handed out.

The FA has now stated they are open to increasing the fines for surrounding the officials, something that Chelsea came under heavy scrutiny for in their 2-2 draw and subsequent elimination from the Champions League last week.
Whether that will work has yet to be determined but there is no doubt the images of surrounded referees is a bad look for the game and takes away from its beauty. One thing is for certain however, something must be done about it.

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