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When you're putting together the table for the rehearsal dinner, you've got to think strategically. The colors are quite dark and bold for this fuchsia concept. So, the question begins, How does one brighten up the mood without mirrors? Remember, darling, mirrors are a strict no-no for tablescapes.
Reflection and a lift in lighting comes from using elements that reflect. Mixing clear glass and silver-finished objects is the key to bringing life to a design.
I am such a fuchsia girl. I like the green and pink combination. so striking
It's interesting that you say that @noonmarez because while the cost of weddings is going up and up, there seems to be a surge of couples doing bigger and bolder rehearsal dinners.
In concept I like rehearsal dinners, but I prefer to keep it quiet and just the people in the wedding. Intimate and special. Plus, not spending a lot of money on it too. That money could go for the actual wedding day.