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It's a rainy night at home. All of your roommates are out of town. You are not in a relationship, yet think you might be ready for one. One problem: you can't find a guy who compares to Noah from The Notebook. Here's a hint: stop looking. The love scene on the screen in front of you is simply that, it's a scene. It is not real. Stop trying to compare the real deal to a fake one.
Love this advice! We're never gonna find love "just like the movies." Rather, we should try to create and find our own love; one that movies would be jealous of!!! So much more real than that.
Well.. Well.. Well... This advice is real, good, practical and I love it but why is it so hard to follow ?!! 😢
I feel like there's so many more layers to a relationship than romantic love.
I can't watch this movie because it's so not reality and it depresses me. BUT I love the movie. OMG <3 <3 <3