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By now you all know how I feel about mirrors on a table, and how they have no place in the design landscape. How many events have I ripped to shreds because of this, I wonder...
However, there's something you need to know. It is quite possible to break the no-mirrors rule. If you do it right then I will salute you. Pay attention and learn.
The only way you can get away with mirrors is when the ENTIRE TABLE TOP is a mirror. Besides that, there is no other reason to include mirrors unless you are lazy or don't know what you are doing.
Pictured is an event tablescape design that uses tabletop mirrors. When the mood of an event is dark, it's a challenge to light it correctly. Therefore, a tabletop mirror is completely appropriate and useful. Notice the elements on the table are NOT mirrors. In stead, the objects have mirror finishes. Do not confuse the two. They are not the same thing.
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Looks like a regal event. Not sure about a mirror on the table like that. Seems weird. I'd have to see it in person.
Oh you're absolutely correct @noonmarez. It's incredibly rare to do this look. The mirrors are expensive to rent. And it's really a challenge to propose using it unless you have clients that are either relaxed or super creative. That's why getting your tablescape sampled is one of the most important things you can do. Seeing your tables for the first time on your wedding day is not something I would recommend.
The color contrast in this photo is really nice. Bold. I can't imagine doing an entire mirror top.
How easy or hard is it to find mirrors for a table?
FINALLY! A way to get a mirror on the table! haha Thanks @nixonwoman.