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Today I've decided that I wanted to start up a whole new sub-collection for my Veganism 101 community called 'The Vegan Pantry'. If you don't know what my Veganism 101 collection is all about, essentially it has vegan product reviews and my Vegan DIY cards, which teach you how to DIY vegan items like dairy-free cream cheese and carmine-free pickled ginger from the ease of your very own kitchen! It also has random 'features' about vegan health, vegan baking, and well, 'The Vegan Pantry'!
'The Vegan Pantry' will each you all about vegan grocery products that are used on a regular basis by most vegans - especially those who like to cook and bake at home!
So without further ado, whaddup, Earth Balance?

Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread

Earth Balance is a brand that makes a lot of different products. For example, these days they make their own Instant Vegan Macaroni & Cheese, as well as peanut butter spreads and vegan cheesy popcorn. But the brand name "Earth Balance" has become synonymous with their original product, their natural buttery spread that can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it at a 1:1 ratio when baking, cooking, or even spreading it on your favorite bagel or piece of toast.
It also comes in a soy-free variety, olive oil variety, whipped variety, and (my personal favorite) a coconut oil variety. It is usually around $5 a tub and can usually be found next to the rest of the butter and margarine. (And the best part is that you rarely have to go to Whole Foods to get this. It's available in most supermarkets!)

Some Recipes That Use Earth Balance

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@kimikodragon Hahahaha, I keep putting in in my recipe cards, and I think it confuses people, soooo I figured I should explain what it is! I've got a bunch of them in my fridge too!
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This is all I use now - love it!
3 years ago·Reply
@joyjordan Have you tried the coconut spread version yet? It's really good on bagels!
3 years ago·Reply
Yes danidee! I love anything with a coconut base :)
3 years ago·Reply
@joyjordan Me too. I was always the kid who stole all my sister's Almond Joys on Halloween.
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