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1. Start a New Hobby

Even if it is just buying a coloring book and doodling with your friends, find something that you've never devoted enough time to and throw yourself into it. Take time out of each week (better yet, each day) to try something new and let yourself grow. It is never to late to expand your talents.
- Connect with your inner artist!
- Take a dance class!
- Learn to cook!
- Study a new language!
- Start skateboarding!

2. Get a New Look

I'm not talking about getting a whole new wardrobe! Find one item of clothing that you've always wanted to try (a halter top? Skinny jeans? A new color?) and go for it! Buy that big sun hat that makes you look like a movie star, rock those High Tops, and learn to give yourself a perfect manicure!

3. Set New Goals

A new season means a chance to start over and set new goals for yourself. Reflect on what you've done so far this year, and what you had hoped to accomplish. Reorganize your priorities and write down what you want to have done before summer. Fitness, diet, school, work, life in general! There are so many things that you want to do but they'll never get done until you do something.
Get a calendar and set yourself deadlines for getting your life to where you want it to be.

4. Try New Foods

Time to put on our big kid pants and try some new foods! Go out for a new cuisine you've never tried or try that juice place that just opened downtown. Drop your usual snacks and try something new!

5. Get New Muscles

Remember when you said you were going to start going to the gym in 2015? Well, now you're three months in and I bet a lot of you haven't been hitting that goal, have you? Now that summer is right around the corner: no excuses!
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New goals and new workouts!
I've got tons of goals lately. TOO MANY. Wish me luck!
Definitely taking your suggestion for a goal calendar!