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One of the things that has held me back most from cosplaying characters I want to cosplay is the idea of having to mold or create certain unique pieces, like arm guards and armor, and belts and more. With 3D printing, it seems, I might not have those excuses.

Check out this Arkham Origins Batman costume. Cool, right?

It's made entirely out of 3D printed armor pieces.

Aside from the cape, under-armor clothing, and boots (which he spray-painted himself), every piece of the suit was 3D printed.

Is this the future of cosplay? Will we work on drafting up files of pieces of equipment we want and send it off for 3D printing rather than having to hand craft it? Does that change the world of cosplay? I have so many questions; and very few answers.
@somnia A similar cosplay I saw cost upwards of $1,000 just to print the pieces (it was for a Samus cosplay, I believe). @Spudsy2061 I don't understand it well either, but it all depends on what material it's made out of. 3D printing can be done with a lot of different materials; some stronger than others. There's even been work done in the medical field to 3D print skin.
@amog32 Dude that's WAY too much
@timeturnerjones Oh cool! I wasn't sure if cosplayers liked to share tutorials with one another or not!
@danidee Yeah that's what I was thinking! I've actually already seen some sites where they share files and such
This would be cool because then you could transfer the files to other cosplayers if they wanted to replicate the costume.
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