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I'm not sure which came first, the BoHo bride or the naked wedding cake. I just recently began to fall in love with this wedding trend that I first discovered last year. I didn't think much of it then until I kept seeing them turn up all over in magazines and online. So I wanted to show a couple that I found on Brides.com that are so lovely.
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These are so on trend right now. Great style
3 years ago·Reply
I keep looking at these and thinking I may just do something like this instead of cupcakes. Not sure. I just really like the look of a naked cake with fresh fruits
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah, this cake trend is really hot. I am waiting to see this in person at the next wedding I go to.
3 years ago·Reply
I feel like this is only something a real baker can pull off. My cake layers are notoriously uneven lol.
3 years ago·Reply
mine too @beywatch lol
3 years ago·Reply