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Don't mind me. I'm just on a naked cake wedding kick. LOL Honestly, I am really loving the naked cake craze that's been going on for a little bit. This photo from Brides.com is from Lael Cakes. It's a two-tiered espresso and blackberry filled chocolate cake. It's on a beaded glass cake pedestal and decorated with fresh figs and ranunculus.
The Knot interviewed a few cake bakers to get their feedback on ordering a naked cake. You can see the full article here. But the differences between a traditional and a naked cake are quite minimal. Cake flavors remain the same. Even filling for cakes can remain.
The big exception is the elimination of fondant embellishments or sugared flowers. Decorations for cakes should be real fruits and flowers. Herbs are popular too.
If you're interested in going for a Boho rustic cake option, then choose a naked cake.
1. Ask your cake baker if they offer naked cakes.
2. Since there are no exemptions to cake and filling flavors, you can still get big flavor.
3. Keep in mind the "look" of the filling because it is going to be on display.
4. Clip pictures and be sure you and your baker are on the same page flavor and style wise.
Beautiful cakes. Next time I get to NY I am going to check them out. Good find!
These are not typical but really nice. I could see these for a bridal shower.