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The New Me My name is Zizea Koke. Im 17 years old. I wear my clan colors of black, white and magenta. I live in a territory of 5 clans, the huntio, funtem, kinkeg, muyquw and the buhko. I know they are weird names but in a langue they our attributes. For example, I considered myself strong, brave, aggressive, selfless kind and beautiful. To bad I wasn't born into the hutunio clan I'd be perfect . I was born into the kinkeg clan. Hutnio clan has attributes of braveness, hope, strongest of strong, selfless and intelligence. So, basically protectors of all the rebels. The kenkeg clan is kind, most selfless and thoughtful. It is so easy for my twin sister, Zadie. She is the next leader of our generation says my clan, including my parents would say. If I were to go missing no one would even notice not even my parents nor my sister. So one day I snuck into the forest where I met a hutnio. He was the same age as me then introduced himself, "Hi I'm Quwetio Alerast. I'm a huntio." He wore his clan colors black, blue and red. Then I introduced myself, then asked "So why you out here." "Just making sure the world is in place, it seems not be though." he said. "Why?" I asked "Because, there is a girl way to beautiful to standing on earth's surface."he said that with a flirty half smile. Then I felt my cheeks warming. Before he left I said really fast," Can we hang out tomorrow here." I covered my mouth then he said "Yes of course umm I ment, sure why not " We both ran out of the forest and when I got home I told no one about my meeting with the hutnio boy. The next day right when I woke up I was in a good mood. I put on a pair of magenta pants and black hoodie. I left my long black hair down today then I grabbed my white backpack and packed: Cellphone Food Water Dagger Notebook Pen I was about out the door tell my sister shut it on my fingers " Where are you going?!" she said in a snobby voice she only uses toward me. She was I imitated her voice,"Nun of yo beeswax." then walked out the door. Halfway into the forest I saw Quwetio sitting on a tree stump in black pants and a red t shirt and a blue backpack. With a blue and red rose in his hand. As he looked down at the dirt his hair hung over his face. The brown hair glistened in the morning sunlight as he looks up his ocean blue eyes twinkle. He sees and stands up. "Good morning Zizea," he uttered with his low voice," You look good today you plan on going to school." I just remembered I had school today. But I wanted to spend the whole day with Quwetio. So I answered with a firm No. Then he pulled a bow and arrow out from behind him. " Good, 'cu I'm going to evaluate you." "With a bow and arrow I prefer something a little sharper." I pulled out my dagger. I aimed and threw it at a tree. " Aren't you a kinkeg," he said surprised. " Yes, but I feel I don't belong or fit in the kinkeg clan." I said shamefully. The next few months flew by and finally it was mine and my sisters 18th birthday. I invited Quwetio to come over and help me pack because when your 18 you get kicked out of your parents house of they don't want you. I'm going to a clan where I belong. My parents forgot my birthday, again. But it was no biggie because they didn't forget my own twin Zadie birthday. I know it is only part of part 1. But if you want me to write more of this story just like and comment πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œβœŒ!!!
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Does your overall project have a title??
Interesting start! Is this a world of clans you're creating yourself, or is it based off a series? Either way, good project to begin. It will certainly keep you writing!