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Vegan and Gluten-Free Cake
A friend of my mom's was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about nine years ago. That meant a huge shift in her diet. That was almost a decade ago, long before the gluten-free term was even in our mainstream dictum. And though I am no Vegan, I have been around long enough to know that traditional wedding cake just isn't going to cut it.
Based in Brooklyn, NY, Lael Cakes has defined itself as the premier upscale cakery that prides itself on producing some of the most beautiful cakes that are equally delicious. With 10 cake flavors and 15 filling flavors, there's no denying the versatility of vegan food. Icing styles come in fondant, buttercream and ganache.
Let your imagination run wild!
Metallic finishes are also available to brides.
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I'm really shocked that these are vegan. I'm intrigued. truly.
3 years ago·Reply
Fish in a trashcan? Hahah, what a random cake design.
3 years ago·Reply
These are really beautiful. The creative cake designs are sort of common as all cake bakers do them. But these are lovely nonetheless. I wonder only about the taste since it's dairy free and gluten free
3 years ago·Reply
Actually the fish would be a great cake for the groom or the kids at a wedding @danidee. Pretty neat
3 years ago·Reply
good point.
3 years ago·Reply