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There is a procedure being developed to change brown eyes to blue eyes. While it hasn't been approved in the USA yet, it's being developed by Stroma Medical, and undergoing testing in Mexico, the Philippines and Costa Rica.

How does it work?

The procedure use a non-invasive laser (that means no cutting) to disrupt the pigment in brown eyes; these laser rays would be absorbed by only the dark pigment which is what makes brown eyes seem brown. Then, the body will begin a natural process where the body uses scavenger cells to digest and remove the pigment. Two weeks later, the pigment is removed and you're left with blue eyes.

Isn't it...dangerous?

Absolutely. And there hasn't really been anything like a long term test done on this yet to see if there would be any long term damaging affects. Some eye doctors believe that glaucoma could be a major concern of this procedure, but there hasn't been any testing done to see if that would really be a likely side effect. This procedure has been being developed since before 2011 at Stroma, though, so we're likely to find out more about potential dangers soon.
If it is ever approved, it will probably cost $5,000, and the huge risk of developing eye problems. I think I'll keep my brown eyes; thanks very much...
sadly i dont have brown eyes. but they're my favorite eye color because of how vulnerable they are to being expresive. they cant hide behind a color and i just love that in people
@Yerlen507 According this card, no, but I feel like they just haven't found them out yet, personally!
Why stop at blue? I love this idea. Very fashionable. If they're at the stage of testing on humans, then the true horrors of animal testing have most likely been eliminated. I know my view isn't popular, but the cosmetics industry is in the billions. That's just makeup. I say that to say that vanity is a very lucrative business. I'm all for it!
Sometimes you just need a break from the monotony of brown eyes. I say bring it on!
@beywatch Beauty? Fashion? I'm not sure, really.
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