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I guess it's official. Even your wedding cake can go ombre. Well, of course, but it is a bit unexpected to find a naked cake that's ombre because it's usually done so with icing. This three tiered cake was custom made my Edith Meyers Cakes, which is based in Santa Cruz, California. She uses organic ingredients from local vendors and is obsessive about both the taste combination and visuals of the right cake with the right filling.
Her #1 tip for brides and amateur cake bakers is to be careful with the timing of stacking the tiers. Since the cake moisture isn't covered in icing, the cake's moisture can dry out very quickly. Don't start stacking and assembling the cake more than 24 hours before the wedding!
The roses are not edible right?
The different layers of color in the cake makes this really nice. So many naked cakes are the same color. Nice change
It's pretty but I am more inclined to have a fully frosted cake.
No. not at all.
lovely cake idea. I like your collection of naked cakes too @daniachicago. ;)