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Q. What if you liked someone you shouldn't be interested in? If you liked someone that's 6-7 years older and where you know him from he could be considered you elder/superior. Do you push past your feelings and continue living? Do you tell him how you're feeling and hope for the best even if you're sure he, or anyone else, could ever be interested in you? A. Leave your comments and advice below 馃槉
HI @Michelleholly Thanks for sharing. Personally, I wouldn't put myself in a vulnerable position like that. I liked Philip a lot. Wasn't sure if he liked me. But I didn't say a word to him. I flirted and certainly didn't ignore him. In the end, I don't want to be the chaser in a relationship. Therefore, I let him make the first move. And he did. Hope that helps.
This is a hard one :/ I feel like it totally depends on the age you're at! If you're in high school, and they're 6 or 7 years older....its probably not going to work out. In college, it might, but it still depends on where you are--are you 20 and they're 27? Are you 18 and they're 25? It makes a big difference, also depending on maturity. If you're both over 25, you're in a much more similar place in life, and are more likely to be able to have the same kind of life experienc,e you know?
Push past your feelings, wait until college. You'll meet guys from all over the nation and realize how big the dating pool is compared to high school
I have to say that i agree with @onesmile. It's all relative to age. Where you are and them. On the other hand, i agree with @darcysdiary. Maybe wait for him to show some initiative in pursuing you.
This is all great advice!! The ages are 17 & about to turn 24 in may.