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WTF?! Like how is this even real? But it is. One minute I'm catching up on some gossip in the Daily Mail and suddenly I'm paralyzed by fear because I clicked on a random link to VideoBuzzy. It's titled, "21 Giant Animals: You Wouldn't Want to Bump Into These Freaks."
This is a coconut crab that apparently can reach over 3 feet in wingspan. Disgusting!
Um, can you fit two bananas in your mouth upside down?! This is a Malaysian Fruit Bat, which can reach over five and a half feet in wingspan.
How about a Japanese crab spider with a four-foot wingspan? That man in the photo is brave!
Another reason why I don't go into the ocean! This is called a Nomura jellyfish. It weighs over 400 pounds. I think I'd have a heart attack in the water if I encountered this.
If you want to see all of the animals, you can see them here. I didn't include many because I didn't think they were all too bad.
"...can you fit two bananas in your mouth upside down?!" Hahahaha!
Are u sure this isn't fake? I thought the crab was a spider. ick!!!!
Eh! What the HELL IS THAT?
Man, that's a lot of crab meat.
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