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I have some friends who want to make Sailor Moon variation cosplays, so this is perfect! Make sure you turn on the subtitles (unless you speak Polish....then don't.) I would have shared an English tutorial but I think this one is so much better than the others I found, and it's the one I intend to try out when I finally get around to making gems.
Should I do some test ones, or just hope I can get it right the first time?
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I would say test it first--that's always the safer way to go. Are there not resin gems pre-made you can buy pretty inexpensively?
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@amog32 Yeah, there are, but it's not the same if you don't make the whole thing yourself, you know? I really wanna try doing that!
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Do you think these would hold up to a lot of damage? Like if i put them on shoes or somewhere that a lot of impact happens?
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@somnia Hmm....yes and no? Don't step directly on them but they should be pretty good.
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