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There's some people who send me a message (which makes me Happy) and they are asking about my fashion and skin care. So heres my answer: First in my fashion I really love street fashion because it's comportable and unique and I love to wear high sock, crop top and ripped jeans some people think it's weird but who cares it's my choice right? Second Shoes!!! Just so you know I'm a shoes addict. I love wearing platform shoes because it helps me to look taller (Hahaha :D) And the finally skin care. In my skin I dont usually use make up because my skin is sensitive but I use BB cream (etude house) this BB cream helps my skin to look fresher and it helps to blur your dark spot which is my major problem. In my skin care routine I used (innisfree and etude house) it's both from korea I used innisfree toner, face lotion, mask, moisturizer and eye cream this skincare product is Daebak!! Because it makes your skin smooth and Less oily. If you have question don't hesitate to ask me I will happy to answer your question :)
I personally think your style is awesome, and if you like it who cares what people think :)
@MattK95 Thankyouuuu! People in here don't know what fashion is urggg. And I always need to explain myself to them :(
You look stunning by the way love your sense of fashion it's unique :-)
@Ambie yayyy!!! Thankyou after my finals I will post some new picture thanks!! :))
@beywatch awee thanks! :)
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