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Hello Everyone! This is PsychologyFairy.

I speak English as my second language.

So, If I made any spelling or grammar mistake,

Please feel free to mention it on the comment section.

Thank you very much!

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I will upload English post regularly.
@marshalledgar Hello~~ Thank you for reading my post! Professor Loftus did an experiment on planting a false memory. It's pretty scary. If you want to know what happened during the experiment, I can make my next posting about that issue ;)
Wow, that's really scary, but it's also a really really interesting study.
you should :)
What a fascinating study. Reminds me of how participants are coached during hypnosis to remember things that never happened. Scary.
@greggr Back then, we did not have DNA profiling etc to figure out who the criminal is. So we relied on the eyewitness testimony. We also believed that eyewitness testimony is reliable. (but not anymore!) Anyway, Thank you so much for reading my post! <3
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