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White dress is often associated with weddings but you'll be surprise how versatile they are. The modern designs basically work for any occasion on your calendar. During spring and summer wearing white could help cancel out heat and give you an overall fresh impression. They also look great in photos. There are many styles out there but if you want to make the most out of your little white dress look for these details.
Fitted Sweetheart
This neckline is sweet and feminine. Although it is not designed bridal wear it could pass as a low key mini wedding dress. Depending on how you accessorize you can dress it up or down. (Photo via: Urban Outfitters)
Embroidered Details
There is something really romantic about embroidered designs. Maybe it's the bohemian vibe. None the less, this detail is a must for spring and summer. It fits the scenery too well! (Photo via: Bershka)
Floral Crochet
Crochet detail could be fun and professional. It all lies in the silhouette of the dress. I personally like the sleek shift style. It's really chic. The dress could shine on its own or you can polish up with a trench coat or blazer. (Photo via: Zara)
@iluvdurian31 totally agree with you. Black is the same way. lol
These are all so cute. And probably look great with a nice tan.
Nothing like white dresses. It just matches with all the other colors and surely save you from heat during summer.
the 2nd and 3rd dresses are my style.
These are really pretty. Might be too short to wear for me, but very pretty.