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Check out Tarte Cosmetic solutions for your brows. HelloFritzie is a makeup artist that you can follow on Instagram. Here she showcases three waterproof shades in Tarte clay mousse.
From top to bottom: Taupe, Medium Brown and Rich Brown.
I might have to check this out. I've been working on getting more definition going on in my brow area, especially since my hair is so dark that what I do with my brows definitely goes a long way with how my face is framed.
I use a pencil and smudge it. But this is something I need to look into more.
When you get older then you'll be all about your eyebrows @daniachicago. I like to sweep mine with color and keep them full. The fuller your brows, the more youthful you appear. The reverse is also true. So, no more hairline brows!!
I don't want to say that I ignore my brows because that's not true. But I don't really add color. I just shape and throw some gel to keep them put.
I think the top brow is too light and the bottom too dark. I'd go for the middle one. I guess it depends on the look you're going for and the color of your head of hair.