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Alcantara is one of the most sought after makeup artists in Brazil. Here he shows how subtle contouring of the face should enhance the natural features of the face rather than mask it with dramatic contouring.
I love a good before and after the same as anyone else. But it's refreshing to see a before and after shoot that doesn't hide the person beneath pounds of makeup and trickery. The principles of contouring are to minimize exaggerated features and accentuate the natural profile.
What do you think of this bride's before and after?
Seriously, makeup does wonder.
@satish87 No, it's not me. This is a tutorial by Alcantara, who is a professional makeup artist.
But she doesn't look bad at all without all the makeup. I like the natural look too.
Proof that what you see in the magazines and what you see in real life are not the same thing.
Its nice. Very nice.