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Alessandro Alcantara is a true master with makeup. Using subtle contouring techniques, he is able to elevate this bride's natural features. And just because her nuptials are in the evening, doesn't mean the contouring needs to be as dramatic.
Alcantara's advice to brides: Keep your contouring subtle, but your makeup dramatic.
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I am GLAD that I am not the only one that is hesitant to try this. @daniachicago @stargaze @teey I need to make an actual appointment to get my makeup done and then learn rather than youtube it
That's a good idea actually @darcysdiary.
She looks amazing. Her hair is great too
this contouring is WAY too obvious in my opinion. they need a little more subtlety. especially in the nose area. doesn't look real
Now that you mention it @adeadlysin...the nose part looks off.