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LMH really amuse how big his fans is in the Philippines. Requested to have a pic with all his Filipino Fans.. I remembered Sandara Park of 2NE1 when I'm watching 2NE1tv.. The're recording music in LA after they finish recording,,bum and sandara went to a place (I cant remember where is it its like an amusement park) Fans are calling dara as SANDY..and KRUNG2. Sandara said they are Fans from the Philippines and she's really thankful to all her Filipino fans because this is where she started her showbiz career and she's well known abroad where ever she is that there is a Filipino Fan,, she really have a lot of fans compared to her If hey got envious when sandara have her Filipino fans abroad taking picture with her. what I'm saying is,,career wise Filipinos are really fanatic! Have the heart of the Filipinos and you will be well known worldwide!! of course LMH is well known abroad but still If your an actor and you want to go worldwide Filipino's have a very extreme impact on one actor's career!! Cheers to LMH hope you enjoyed visiting here and I'm looking forward for your next visit here in the Philippines! mwah!!
showing his concern over his Pinoy Fans certainly amazed everyone!!! Keep up Min Ho Lee, you are loved by Filipinos and will always be.. :) <3
i really like this photo of him with his fans.. wish i am one of the crowd..
yes.. there's a lot of Filipino Fans who really love Min-Ho, and am one of those who really took the effort and don't really mind standing there for longer hours lining up to get the ticket and then waiting the gate of Araneta to open and then finally when he came out all those pains of waiting would really worth it after all.. I can say that, this was really a totally rewarding experience. And I won't really mind to do this over and over again.
Wow so many people!!! I wonder how many people would come if he did a fanmeet in US? Like 100? xD