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The Globe is reporting that the British Royals have more shame on their hands, this coming not even a decade after Prince Harry was scorned in the press for wearing a swastika on his sleeve at a booze fest in May 2005. The tabloid cover may look like a parody but there's always a nugget of truth to comedy.
I looked into this further to see what I could find and discovered a fascinating article by Kurt Nimmo about the Royal Family's longstanding history with the German Fuhrer. You can the details of it here but the most startling finds from it include more than just a cover-up.
Photographed meeting Hitler in 1937 was the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. But they weren't always the Windsor's. It wasn't until after the first World War, and under a cloud of pressure, that the surname was changed. Previously they were the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha's--German ancestry.
Nimmo's article for Global Research - Center For Research On Globalization, reads like a laundry list of British Royals (and their families) who were more than just sympathetic to the Nazi regime. He reports, that just weeks before Germany invaded Poland "King George VI and his wife, the late Queen Mother, sent Hitler a birthday greeting."
I love reading The Globe. I think it has tremendous entertainment value. Who doesn't love to gasp wide-eyed at every page-turning issue? After reading Nimmo's article it just made me pause a bit because if all this is really (really) true, then it's no longer a matter of entertainment. It's beyond comprehension.
I think I will stick to lighter issues surrounding the Royal Family like why Camilla was rejected from New York and other compelling events surrounding Prince William and Princess Kate. What are your thoughts on the continued Nazi revelations?
@amog32 I believe it was called "Appeasement" by the Prime Minister at the time Neville Chamberlain.
No doubt that some people in every governments leadership were sympathetic to Nazis, or at least pretended to be. Whether or not we're going to hold that against the family decades later, though, is beyond me...
I don't always get to, but when I do, I love reading the tabloids. I think most of it is bunk. As far as the Royals being involved in Nazi Germany, I wouldn't be surprised if someone found proof that America was somehow celebrating with Hitler too.
I agree with @amog32. #1. People make terrible choices. #2. Sometimes it's a mistake, other times it's on purpose. #3. No one should have to pay for the "sins" of another person. Prince William and his wife Kate should not be burdened with Prince Phillip's family's issues and ties to Hitler. While we should never forget, we should also learn to move on.
Personally? I think it shouldn't be covered up. But it also shouldn't be buried. There's shame in it, to be sure, but there's shame in all past--it's all shame that can be learned from and avoided in the future, though. Was it worth it to that family? Only they know that answer.
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