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I'm so excited to start a Throwback Thursday series on hairstyles. I got the idea when I was browsing through old childhood photos and figure it'll be interesting to see how the styles evolve. The 90s hold a special place in my heart so I'll start with one of my favorite look: the cheerleader ponytail.
Characteristics of the cheerleader ponytail:
1. Scrunchie
2. High ponytail
3. Off to the side
Image source: ABC
As seen on:
1. Kimmy Gibbler from "Full House"
2. Stephanie Tanner from "Full House"
3. Clarissa from "Clarissa Explains It All"
4. Michelle tanner from "Full House"
Image source: Lorimar Television, Nickelodeon
Modern way to wear high ponytail:
1. Ariana Grande's signature hairstyle
2. Julia's ribboned ponytail (Girl Meets Glam)
3. Amber's fun ponytail (Barefoot Blonde)
What do you think? Would you wear the 90s high ponytail?
Trend comes and go and comes back. Once again, time for cute high ponytail! I wanna try Julia's, but with a white and gold mixed ribbon!
What ever happened to the scrunchie? high ponytails are really nice
Oh god. This is how I used to do my hair when it was bed time at slumber parties. The modern looks are cute, but I'm not quite sure I can pull it off anymore.
This brings back so much memories. Michelle Tanner is so cute.
@noonmarez I think scrunchie wouldn't be appropriate for work. haha