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The Hardship of First Love
This kid knows all about the pains of first love. First she wants to marry him, then she doesn't, then she does! I love this little guys' monologue: I haven't seen a kid do something this on point in a short video in a long time! He and she were both so cute. But really, they're onto something. Love is freaking confusing, and even kids know why do we make it more complicated on ourselves? Why not just say "hey, I like you. Now let's be good to each other." But no, it's never that simple.
Me either, kid. Me either. But how can we make love more simple?!
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Get a pet, that dog or cat will love you until the bitter end
3 years ago·Reply
I've never had a Tim-Tam, but I have a friend who lived in Australia that loves them so much. Sounds like sharing half a Tim-Tam is a serious act of love. I feel for this kid.
3 years ago·Reply
I love that quote hahahah!! "I didn't sleep that naptime." Me either, buddy.
3 years ago·Reply
Hahahah!!! It's hard, but when they come back around we're always ready to say "sure" lol
3 years ago·Reply
"uh uh...I gotta go" Foul mouth kid is on point alright.
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