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Hi there. I would love some hair advice from the community. My hair is shoulder length and dark--almost black. It's naturally dark brown. I am not interested in color or highlights at this time, just a cut/style. Does anyone have some ideas for me? I clipped these 4 but not sure. As you can see they are all blonde. So, these may not look as good on me. I really like Nicole Richie's hair. I am open to advice and feedback.
Thank you!
Sweet of you to say @ladyoometal. I am leaning toward Richie's look. Most likely will do that this weekend. I will let you know how it looks.
Thank you everyone for sharing. ;) My face is heart shaped @ladyoometal.
I actually might steal a mix of these looks for pre-summer. @darcysdiary which one are you going to go with? I like @ladyoometal advice about face shape. That is crucial.
Nicole Richie hair I definitely like the most, but I think you should figure out your face shape and see what would look better with your face shape.
My hair is sort of like Lauren Conrad's with a fringe bang. I feel like any of those are great cuts though. I think the whole 'long bob' look is so effortlessly stylish.
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