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Nail enthusiast, you probably know all these tricks but for the rest of us, learn these to perfect your at-home-manicure. All these items are found in your home. If you think of any other nail hacks, please comment below and I'll include it in this card. :)

Makeup Sponge

The easiest way to paint ombre nails is cut into a square shape. Dab on the gradient colors and sponge it on your nails.

Scotch Tape

This classic household item is a gem when it comes to painting patterns on nails!

Angled Liner Brush

Use an angled liner brush and dipped in remover to remove polishes around the nail.

Top Coat Twice

Want longer lasting polish? Coat two layers of top coat to seal the design and prevent any chip offs.
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@iluvdurian31 me too!! it's the worst, in my opinion once the tips start to chip the entire manicure begins to look cheap and ugly :(
@CassZ139 Exactly! i give up at that point.
@iluvdurian31 yep, usually when I start picking at it....which is terrible, but unavoidable haha
Wow never thought of using the scotch tape for patterns! Cool idea!
that's awesome