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1. Start with small curls

I like to curl my hair before sleeping so when I wake up I don't have to worry about doing my hair in the morning. Also, after two days the curls will loosen up and my the strands becomes beautiful waves.

2. scrunch up

If you have curly hair the best way to keep it from getting tangling during the night is put it up in a loose top knot. Your hair will be blessed the next morning.

3. Avoid excessive products

Product might keep your hair looking good during the day but it wreaks havoc on the style at night. Try to keep the oil and shine product at bay. If you have to put on product after you shower focus on the ends so it doesn't look sticky or greasy in the morning.

4. Use a silky or microfiber pillow

Cotton pillows are okay but if you have coarse hair it can create too much friction. Also, avoid flannel sheets at all cost. They're a no-no.

5. Don't overkill your hair

Harsh chemicals from bleach, dying heating tool could be devastating for your hair. When your hair is damage it's hard to turn back in time. If you want to save your hair at night try not to over process it.

6. Pin it up

Here's a secret to keep your curls looking soft in the morning. Twirl 'em up and pin 'em.
I've been waking up early to get myself ready for a while, and I just got too tired and sick from lack of sleep. That's why I've been trying these "techniques" and they work pretty good. You wouldn't have a perfect hair, but no one would think that you got shot of a nuclear bomb on your head at least.
I usually use tons of clips. They don't create weird dents in your hair like ties do
Usually I just make sure I'm not sleeping face down. It usually has me waking up with the WEIRDEST bangs!
@iluvdurian31 LOL. Story of every girl's life.