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There are many ways to make yourself less bored. You could sleep; you could eat; you can play Clash of Clans (damn that Liam Neeson and his clever ad!). What this person chose to do was be creative and productive. The result was a pretty badass ringtone lol
I read a lot of the youtube comments, and I just didn't get why people were so negative about this. There were a lot of people cursing at this person, etc. First, I think it is pretty creative, and second if they didn't like it, why did they feel the need to be aggressive to someone who was just trying to do something different? What do you guys think? Isn't it pretty good considering the resources this "Youbee" Youtube user had?
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that's amazing! idk why people post rude comments when this was very creative
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That's pretty funny. I know back when I was younger, I used to mess around with sound samples like that. Especially the sounds my friend's chihuahua Pepe would make.
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