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The crowd went really really wild every expression and gesture he makes. :") I really wish that I can go up on the stage with HIM. :")
My daughters likes you very much. me as well . We thanks Bench for bringing you here in the Phillipines. SEE YOU SOONNNN
a lick on his lips, a nip, a flick of his hair, even a twitch of his eyes can elicit a wild uproar from the fans.. I'm just so sad that my number was not picked for me to be part of a personal interaction with him.. And I have been so looking forward to seeing him in person.. I hope someday, i will get the chance to really see him, up close and personal..
I remember watching a video of the fan meet and when he bit his lips the crowd went WILD and he had NO idea that, that was the reason, :) he was so cute and adorable trying to figure out why there was a sudden outburst... hahaha. Minoz Philippines are INCREDIBLE FANS
oh man... don't do that! You're killing me! hahaha but seriously, i do enjoyed tha fanmeet. thanks so much bench for bring our Lee Min Ho in Manila