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Tuck and cover is a fun technique but a lot of times it can leave your nape feeling bare. Some of us don't have the perfect back head shape so this trick can create an illusion of round shape.
Start by putting on the headband. Then take a piece of hair from the front, and twist it around the headband as many times as you need.
Take a few strand next to the first and repeat the same process. Continue until the headband is cover with hair. Secure with bobby pins for extra hold.
You should have a half crown look by now. Take the rest of the hair and twist it into a low messy bun. Secure it in place with bobby pins.
The bun is cute but I actually like the half up half down crown style more.
Yeah, I'm with @AvocadoLove. Time to go cute headband shopping!
This is pretty easy. Also you'll get waves after taking the headband off.
I have to get a headband this weekend. It's been on my wish list for over 3 weeks!