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[MV] 지아이 (G.I) - 메아리 (Echo): hmm... where to begin... this video contains all 5 members (there is talk that the video footage for this was taken from their Pre debut from years ago and the song was recorded early last year) so on one hand I feel that there may be hope for G.I. on the other hand it's completely different from the unique image we've grown to love from them. (which, as stated earlier, may be due to this being from their Pre debut years ago) About the song: I think it's ok, but if they do show a softer side I would rather it be more like Because of You. That song was pretty and had sweet lyrics, but it still had that tough edge to it. it was still their style. this song doesn't really sound like them. it's missing what made us love them. and the video.. it's cute... just like every other girl group video out there... I really wish these girls were with a different company. they were so talented with such a unique concept and their label ruined them. now they are fed up and they will never be the same. it's so frustrating. this was one of my favorite groups and now they are splitting up. thanks a lot Sim Tong PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT YOUR OPINION AND JOIN THE DISCUSSION THEY STARTED ON YOUTUBE. @kpopandkimchi @honeysoo @MattK95 @jiggzy19 @aabxo