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Not used to topmounts. Usually use dropped or double dropped boards so I'm not sure
Seems high to me but I ride mainly drop through. But that's about as night as my dk. What kind of trucks r u using? If you flip bears it will be lower
putting risers on a top mount increase your wheel clearance and how much you can lean in ratio of how wide your trucks are
Sorry usually I post a lot about this deck so I figured all of the active users on here would know @ujeany thanks tho:)
I downhill with these guys, and I don't want them to slide further. I want them to grip. I'll freeride with small wheels but downhilling? Hell no @ujeany
@jaydenwashabaug not really. unless you're using that solely as a commuter board, smaller wheels will be more fun because they'll break out easier, slide further, and generally more fun. they have small soft wheels too. try 65 mm. if you're commuting, you really ought to use a drop through dropped board
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