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does it look a little high?
Not used to topmounts. Usually use dropped or double dropped boards so I'm not sure
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@jaydenwashabaug with 65 mm I doubt you'll get wheelbite without the risers. then you'll be lower to the ground and sliding will be easier. on top of that, it won't feel like you're taking a giant step every time you get on the board. ive had risers and the board really can NOT be comfortable that high.
I downhill with these guys, and I don't want them to slide further. I want them to grip. I'll freeride with small wheels but downhilling? Hell no @ujeany
Sorry usually I post a lot about this deck so I figured all of the active users on here would know @ujeany thanks tho:)
putting risers on a top mount increase your wheel clearance and how much you can lean in ratio of how wide your trucks are