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full set 8 wefts total two 4 clips two 3 clips four 1 clips My extensions from vpfashion came in today I'm so happy I wasn't expecting them for another week! There 24 inches 260g in the Color number 613. usually its 4 to 5 days after you order to receive the extension but i order ones that they dont keep in stock so that did a custom order for me which takes about 18 to 20 days i got mine in 15 days which was awesome. i have never been happier. usually there is things right away I hate about the extensions but so far there hasn't been any. even tho ive only had them for a couple hours There has been some shedding but I wouldn't even like to call it that it's only been 5 strands of hair but shedding for a lack of a better word. There so soft and thick I recommend to anyone always get the thicker extensions it's Better to be thick then too thin. another thing I did break off a clip of one of the 1 clips but that was my own doing not because it was badly made. I'll post more about them after time goes on but so far there amazing. now I just need to get my roots touched up and everything will be perfect
Are you wearing the extension in the first pic? The quality looks really soft and smooth!
Yes yes I am and they are so soft
You shouldn't change your face mood while capturing it makes your pictures a bit not beatifully.
@7496IT I think there's nothing wrong with the expressions and she looks beautiful!