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Today I found a lot of things. Me and my friend went on an adventure. It started out with me and my friend having a sesh right in the morning in a parking garage downtown Moline right across the street from the police station. Like the only cars in this garage are for employees of the police station lol. Then we went to Prospect Park in Moline, which is a real nice 18 hole disc golf course, but because its a disc golf course it has paved sidewalks up and down all sorts of crazy hillsl! Pretty narrow, but you'll deff see a pic or a video from this place soon. The pics are from the pavillion. There's a two story pavillion that's open on two ends with wood flooring up stairs and concrete below and its a really fancy Victorian era pavillion and its huge, people take pictures here for school dances. But anyway we went skating here. The whole place is a plethora of concrete paths with or without rails sprawling these randomly steep hills. It's really a gem to have living in the Midwest. Quite the public park. Pics are of my friend Brendan, he only has a Ripstik but I made him ride the switch ninja today and he's going to buy a longboard now because he loves it. Going to have a good summer with this dude. I took one of these pictures just to highlight a certain feature I found at this place that I thought was dope. The edge of the staircase on the stairs to the bottom. This could be skated many different ways. None of the ways that I tried succeeded. Not yet anyway, I'll be back
We have a parking garage that's just for the cops and employees of the law enforcement and prison but it's so fun to ride in there. They get angry though if they catch us.
No parking garages out here but I've started to notice concrete walk ways in cemeteries lol! Cool find, man!
So make sure y'all stretch before and after. Especially if it's cold /you're old (like me).
I'm going to go find a parking garage right now. I've been on injured/reserved for almost a week from a slight calf tear. Pushing wouldn't be fun ( tear is on that leg) but I think I have enough flex now to turn.
@drlizardo The sidewalks at this park are similar to what you'd find in a cemetary. They're "fitness trails" and the sidewalks go straigh up and down these steep-ass hills for joggers or walkers lol