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Alright darlings, I am posting this picture and I want you to decide if this tablescape is a Yay or a Nay. Based on all the things I have mentioned through previous cards, what do you think is the right thing to do versus the wrong thing to do.
Please leave your comments below. Feel free to ask questions.
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I wouldn't do it for my own wedding because it's just really not my aesthetic tastes, but I think if someone else did it, I could tell they were really open and creative with their wedding designs. I just PERSONALLY think how they chose to deploy the whole four seasons concept is a little too kitsch
a little kitsch goes a LOOOOOOOOOOONG way
I like the crystals too @mimimogotetsi I didn't think it was too much @danidee. I liked it. This is a YAY for me
Great comments! @danidee i know what you mean. But it didn't bother me. That's more of a style issue. @marshalledgar True, it does. Not always a bad thing though.
NAY. Honestly, it's just a style thing. I just want something less cluttered. Less produced. Does that make sense?