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I saw these pictures on WeddingWoof.com and fell in love with this favor concept. Guests were each given a tall slender Tiffany Blue wine bag. Inside was a homemade batch of Limoncello in bottles that were packed "suitcase-ready."
The bottles were corked and even featured a was seal! This is such a grand idea. I only wish I could have seen an image of the bottle to show you guys.
This is a real bottle that is manufactured--not what the guests walked away with. I've never had Limoncello but it looks so elegant in this bottle. I am not too proud to steal this idea for my own wedding. lol <3
It's a terrific idea.
The hardest part about any color themed wedding or party is to match the colors correctly. The blue here seems a little off from the true Tiffany Blue color. Seems more minty