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I previously shared that I was inspired by a wedding favor idea where guests were gifted with homemade Limoncello. Such a grand and elegant idea, I wondered if I too could tackle such a project. I'm sure you could as well.
According to an article on I-Italy.org, true Limoncello is produced in Southern Italy using lemons from Campania without preservatives. Yet more than 90% of the Italian Liqueur is manufactured outside of Italy.
With that in mind I don't feel so bad making it myself at home.
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Luck @beywatch we don't have them up here. at least not where I am. this guy is funny though. good recipe
Wait...you can grow all these lilies but no citrus @noonmarez? lol I'm so fascinated.
I live on Whidbey Island - Washington state.
AHA! I see. Wow, thanks. I have never been up to Whidbey island. It's so close to seattle and quite a large island.
I googled it