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The FAA has granted Amazon permission to move forward testing it's drone delivery service, nicknamed Prime Air. The company was granted a certificate that is typically granted to companies that aren't related to aviation in nature, and gives them permission to test using the unmanned drones under certain restrictions.
The limitations, as explained by the FAA, are as follows:

- 400 ft or below during daylight hours
- in visual meteorological conditions ONLY
- the UAS (unmanned aircraft) must be in visual line-of-sight of the pilot
- the pilot must have a private pilot's certificate and medical certification
Even with limitations, this is big news for Amazon, who hopes to someday deliver things, via drone, to Amazon Prime customers within thirty minutes!
What do you think: are you excited to see your packages delivered by drone?

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Not going to lie. Worried and not worried about this at the same time...
3 years ago·Reply
@Spudsy2061 Came down here to leave a similar comment. I'm torn between "this is really cool" and "this is really scary." Flying themselves = scary; fast delivery = cool
3 years ago·Reply
its good and bad at the same time. let's consider employment
3 years ago·Reply
@nehapatel Not even that. I work in logistics. This could eliminate some jobs in that field I'd imagine. @_@
3 years ago·Reply