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Peach. Orange. Amber. Take your pick. These will brighten any floral arrangement!
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Ranunculus (ranunculi?) are my favorite lately. Trader Joe's was selling big red ones a few weeks ago, and I fell in love with their shape and texture.
I go to Jewel. No Trader Joe's by me. And I am not shopping at Whole Foods. I like the color of that "Orange Unique" rose. so lovely
haha never thought of the plural form of the flower before @beywatch. They are so pretty. Reminds me of Prius. I saw four Prii today. lol
Stargazer lilies grow all over in the wild up here. Those are more pink. But we also get the orange Tiger lilies growing wild here too. Really pretty.
Where do you live @noonmarez? I'd love to see all those lilies growing wildly. All I see in Miami are those damn stickers. Nasty things!