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It is being reported out of Tunisia that 9 people have been arrested in relation to yesterday's terrorist attacks on the Tunis Bardo museum which killed 23 and injured over 40 others. The presidency stated itself 4 were directly linked to ISIS and 5 had "ties to the cell". The army has also stated it will deploy to major cities overnight as a precautionary measure.

Same Suspect, Different Day

The Islamic State has since stepped forward to claim responsibility for the attacks, and it is believed that one of the two gunman, Yassine Laabidi, was known to the authorities prior to the attacks. Today, Tunisian's Prime Minister Habib Essid told local radio that services in the area had flagged him but there was "nothing specific" to link him to the international terrorist group.

Tunisia Targeted?

Many believe the attacks were targeted on Tunisia for it's democratic establishment and further modernization following the so called "Arab Spring" of revolutions last year. Tunisia is heavily dependent upon tourism as a source of national income, with over 6 million visitors touring the country last year. 13.8% of total employment is also said to be in the tourism industry, which contributes just over 15% towards the country's GDP.
The attacks will certainly test Tunisia's new government, but it should also unite the people in stamping out ISIS within the country. How will be a question to be answered by the country of which it was reported 3,000-5,000 Tunisians left to go join ISIS during the "Arab Spring".n
@Spudsy2061 Definitely agree with your comment.
@nehapatel I don't think it's that simple either nor do I feel Tunisia is a terrorist state. Country's pretty nice and tends to be more liberal and free-thinking than others in the middle east/north Africa area. Hope the government holds up in light of the attacks.
Wow; huge changes, and very strategic attack by ISIS....I worry about how this will grow, and if it can be considered simply a rouge terrorist state like some think. I don't think it's that simple; not at all.