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Scarf is one of my favorite accessory regardless of season. I live in my scarf during winter (my scarf and I = one). Unconsciously, it became my signature style. Since the weather is getting a little warmer I've been neglecting my tartan and moving on to my pastel scarf. You're probably wondering why I'm wearing a scarf if the weather is getting warmer. It's really simple - just a personal preference. I normally don't wear statement necklace or jewelry, so scarf is my statement accessory. It also keeps my neck warm during cooler evenings.
Did I convince you to get a spring scarf? If yes, below is a guide + some street style inspiration.


If you happen to have a monochromatic, neutral or dark scheme wardrobe pastel scarf can immediately brighten up your style. You don't have to change your entire closet to Spring. One little item like a scarf can immediately turn the dull attire to bright and lively!


If your wardrobe is filled with pastel or neutral color scheme this will fit right in. You really can't go wrong with a blush, white or cream tone scarf. You have many options to style this accessory because it's so versatile.


Bright color shirts such as hot pink or coral pairs really well with floral scarfs. It's a flirty and fun look for going on a date or picnic. Try mixing and matching with solid spring dress!


Abstract or animal instinct printed scarf usually make an edgy and feminine statement. Pair it any type of jeans and a solid blouse for an effortless chic look.
@madeleine Good idea. Once you said that, I started hunting and I found a no-sew kimono tutorial @kristenadams posted a while back. I want to do this with some of the printed scarves I've got.
@beymatch you can always use it as a kimono or turn it into a vest
@beywatch Great find!
I need to figure out how to do scarves. I keep getting them as gifts, and most of my friends wear them, but I feel like my neck's too short to pull the look off!
I love neutral scarfs. I own a lot of pattern shirts that goes well with this color. It balances out the overall outfit.
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