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Time to come out of hibernation and celebrate the spring weather gym rats! The fresh air is calling your name!
Here is how to transition out from your apartment or crowded gym and get back to the great outdoors :)
Start slow.
Indoor runs is a totally controlled environment. When you head outside, there is weather, wind, elevation, and surface type to think about! Start at a pace that is a bit slower than your treadmill runs to get used to the outdoor differences. Once you adjust, you’ll be on your way to running your previous pace, if not faster.
Don’t be afraid to take breaks.
A walk break does not mean you're being lazy. Actually, it could help you run longer. Inserting one or several 30-second to one minute walks into the middle of your run can extend your workout and allow you feel stronger.
Pick a route.
Setting up a predetermined run will help you succeed on your outdoor journey. You’ll be ready for hills along the way :)
Carry the essentials.
Always take some type of identification on a run, whether it is a license or a Road ID. Carrying cash or a card can be helpful for water breaks if you are in an area without fountains. If you live within a city, pack a transit card in case you end up further from home than anticipated. Many runners like to unplug and leave their phone at home, but consider carrying it along.
Take to the trails.
Running on soft surfaces is easier on your body plus trail running is a beautiful hiatus from busy roads. Just be sure to stick to well-marked areas and consider bringing along a friend.
Have fun!
The best way to get used to running outside is to make it exciting! Find a friend or join a running group. Having fun on the run is the best way to adapt. Enjoy the outdoors!
I like to work out as early as possible, so that I can beat the heat! I've found that I can go longer and for a much farther distance if the weather's still cool and I'm not sweating all over myself.
I start with just taking walks, not even running! I'm not really that much of a runner to begin with, haha
I am so ready to break away from my winter friend, the treadmill.