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My mom and I got to talking about what she is going to wear for my wedding, which got us thinking about what is and isn't appropriate for the mother of the bride. Turns out wearing black is totally OK to wear! Not that my mom is eager to jump into something black on my big day.
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FabulousAfter40.com posted an article about this very issue. You can read it here, but it basically says that the old custom of never wearing black is obsolete. The rule no longer applies. The exception, however, is that the bride must approve. The idea is to let the bride shine and not to distract from the day's event.
Rules Schmules. My mom and I agree with the article. Wear something that is elegant, sophisticated and comfortable. Obviously, nothing that would distract or tarnish the look of the wedding or the photos.
What do you think? Are you okay with black being worn at the wedding?
I think it's seductive in a great way. Women of all ages can be seductive without being slutty and while maintaining their appropriate age. Just my opinion, but I don't plan on looking frumpy after I turn 40.
I think if I saw my mom in this she'd look great! I know my dad would be the one trying to cover her up.
I find this dress to be really seductive. Maybe it's the pose. I'm not sure. If an older woman were to wear this, she better pull it off with some grace