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Ladies, ladies, this is the stunning "Casablanca," which is an authentic Art Deco engagement ring. Feast your eyes on all 2.66 tcwt diamonds set in platinum from the 1930s. This is about going grand and giving your ring finger the luxe treatment. Be prepared to shuck $18,750 for this monster of love.
What dirty little lies will you have to tell to get this ring? What powers of manipulation will you invoke? Be good my darlings. But be resolute. Men who love you will stop at nothing to make you happy. Doesn't this ring bring happiness?
It's being offered by Trumpet & Horn. You can get more details here. Let me know how it goes.
Wow, what a beautifully arranged ring. I love it.
18 grand is a bit out of my range. But gorgeous
Who's Philip? Are you guys going to get married?
I love it too @danidee. Philip better be taking the hints I keep dropping!!