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If you flip open a magazine there is at least one page devoted to market a cleansing brush. Some of you must have heard of the Clarisonic (the queen of cleansing brush). There's no way you can miss it when you step into the beauty section at the department or Sephora. This beauty tool is praise by many but does it really make a difference?
I've been cleaning my face the traditional way (with my two hands) for more than two decades until I receive a Shiseido facial brush from my sister on my 22nd birthday. The first time I started using the cleansing brush I fell in love with it. Maybe it's a placebo effect but my skin looks brighter using the brush. In addition to a brighter and more even skin tone this is what I notice:
1. It is easier to create foam using the brush.
2. The tiny, soft bristle cleanse the pores (especially around the nose) much better than my fingers.
3. I spend less time washing my face.
4. Toner and moisturizer absorbs to the skin better.
In other words, cleansing brush does make a difference!
After switching to the Shiseido's facial massage brush I was curious about Clarisonic's mia brush. I purchase one while it was on sale and tried it out. The first thing I notice is the speed of the brush. It's extremely fast and takes me about a minute to clean my fast. I don't recommend spending longer than a minute to clean your face with the electronic brush because it'll wear out your epidermis.
Do I recommend the Clarisonic brush? Yes, but not for sensitive skin. Even though the brush does a great job with deep cleansing it might be too harsh for sensitive skin. In addition, it's too abrasive for everyday use. The price is also not budget-friendly. Plus, you have to replace the brush every 3 months. In conclusion, I'll stick with Shiseido's facial massage brush.
What are your thoughts? Do you cleanse with a facial brush?
@TiffanyGurple I actually saw that brush at Walgreens but didn't purchase it because I haven't read any reviews on it yet. Since you said it works pretty well I might give it a try. It's half the price of Clarisonic.
i got the olay pro x electric brush Nd it works really good so far. only 40 dollars.
I'll go for the cheap and quality one. There's no need for an electric face cleanser. it's already hard enough to keep up with an electric toothbrush.
The Shiseido one is SO MUCH CHEAPER. I'm going to give it a shot!
@beywatch if you do try it out let me know how you like it. @iluvdurian31 Exactly, being a girl isn't easy.