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Admit it. You skip breakfast but not the Americano. You pick through a salad for lunch when you're out with your friends. But come dinner time, it's a kitchen cupboard frenzy. In my house, we have what we lovingly call the fat girl closet. In it is a carb lovers delight. Garlic bagel chips. Pretzels. Asian snack mix. Of course it's all jumbo size from Costco!
But sometimes like you, I need something hot. Something salted. Something that's just been fried. And sometimes I just can't bring myself to drive the 17 minutes to KFC for wedges. That's when I call my boyfriend to come over and make me Hurricane Sticks! Have you ever had these? OMG. Like really, OMG. You really need to try these!
Use your favorite french fry recipe or seasoning to these Hurricane Sticks. Then, you can either deep fry them, which is my favorite or you can bake them. Up to you!
Where do these originate? I've seen them in China and Korea but I had no idea you could get them in the states as well.
Thanks @flymetothemoon Instructions On How To Eat: Pick up stick. Open mouth. Shovel. Chew. Swallow. Repeat. <3
These look like these need 'how to eat' instructions too!
I never realized it could be this easy to make these. I've seen them at tons of local festivals.
These are popular at town fairs in the US. Every summer, Chicago puts on Taste of Chicago. You can find everything and anything to eat there. I saw these there a few years ago. SO GOOD! @nellbelle
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